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Polyflor-Polysafe Apex-Vinyl-Sheet -

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    Biotite 4203

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    Breccia 4204

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    Chromite 4202

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    Green Quartz 4201

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    Red Ochre 4206

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    Siltstone 4205


-R12 rated product ideally suited for busy commercial areas with risk of high viscosity contaminants such as kitchens and intensive food preparation areas where a high number of meals are served on a daily basis .

Product Details

-• 2.5mm Gauge
• 2m x 20m Roll Size
• 6 Shades


• Surface roughness Rz 70µm + for use in heavy-duty and intense footfall areas where risk of high viscosity contamination such as oil and grease are present • Quartz crystals, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles incorporated through the vinyl to improve traction and safety underfoot • Sustainable wet slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product



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