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ROSE GUM FEATURE Natural Raw Timber Boral Solid Strip Flooring -

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Rose Gum for comfortable domestic applications is available in straight grain, even texture and a natural scribble pattern. It is available in 19mm solid strip for easily installation directly onto joists, battens or under ply over concrete with secret or top nailing methods..

Product Details

Feature Grade
(High Feature): Feature grade flooring is heavily peppered with natural features particularly large gum veins.

Rustic Grade
: A full featured floor to provide an old world charm. It may contain features that are more prominent than Feature
Grade but with the structural integrity of a Feature Grade Floor.


Timber Species - Flooded (Rose) Gum Natural/Feature Flooded (Rose) Gum Natural/Feature Tongue & Groove Hardwood flooring (raw) Material warranty (timber is guarantee by anufacturer)


Flooded gum natural Timber is a natural (hygroscopic) material. For this reason, solid timber floors may need to be acclimatised to their new local environment before installation. In the home, various conditions, such as heaters, air conditioning or direct sunlight can affect the moisture content of the floor.

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