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Brush BOX SELECT CLASSIC RAW TIMBER Boral Solid Strip Flooring -

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Cosy Group offer Australians across the country the chance to enjoy beautiful and stylish solid raw hardwood timber flooring with delivery of a vast range of hardwood flooring options nationwide. Our expert team carry out hassle-free strip wood flooring installations throughout NSW, Canberra and Central Coast..

Product Details

Species in Detail

Common Names
Brush Box

Look & Features
Even texture with a very tight interlocked grain

Botanical Name
Lophostemon confertus

Colour Chocolate
to reddish - pinkish brown


Brush Box Introduction Brush Box is a large hardwood with a squarish lower trunk that flourishes in the rich soils of the north east coast of Australia between Sydney and Cairns. With its beautiful lush chocolate colours highlighted with reddish-pinkish undertones Brush Box is a floor that matches well with modern elegant spaces.


Timber is a natural (hygroscopic) material. For this reason, solid timber floors may need to be acclimatised to their new local environment before installation. In the home, various conditions, such as heaters, air conditioning or direct sunlight can affect the moisture content of the floor 19mm tongue and groove solid strip flooring is designed to be nailed down. Board widths up to 130mm can be secret-nailed into the tongue.

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