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Embelton laminated

Cosy Group are Australia’s top laminate flooring specialist selling an array of beautiful Embelton laminate floors.  Our stock of laminate floors is available in varying grades,thickness and colours. We sell our products at economical rates so that we can cater needs of both residential and commercial clients.


Embelton is a leading brand of laminate floors in Australia.  What is so special about these floors is they are backed with long years of warranty. Embelton laminate floors are made from HDF. HDF stands for high density fibre board bounded together with me lamineresin. HDF is known for providing sturdiness, solidity, versatility and resistance from impact. It is all because of these reasons they are trusted by Australian home owners and commercial property owners. Embelton floors are available in vivid range of colours to bring a great feel in any living area.


Cosy Group is superb destination for shopping beautiful Embelton Laminate Floors at fair trade pricing. With our head office at  Sydney, we know what exactly our customers need. We provide our supply and installation services in the areas of Sydney Metro,Canberra Act, Wollongong and New Castle. We have some of the top installers who can take up any type of floor installation, whether small or big.


It is our excellent customer services and exceptional range of flooring options which has enabled us to expand and grow as Australia’s leading supplier of Embelton laminate floors. At Cosy Group, our motto is to serve general public with stunning range of high quality flooring at prices everyone can afford.


We welcome you to visit our exclusive showroom at Sydney. It is stuffed with some of the best collections of laminate floors.  Once you step in, you will be greeted by our courteous staff. Our showroom will offer you the best to decorate your floors in a specialized way. We even operate online. Our online store also houses best laminate floors at a reasonable pricing. You can order laminate floors online. We deliver Australia wide. So, you can have the reassurance your products would be delivered safely.


Speak to us on 1800 170 252 if you are interested in knowing more about our range of laminate floors. You can email us on info@cosygroup.com.au